Pimp My Gun, the flash based modular Custom Assault Rifle Builder

I’ve been playing with a number of online flash based custom AR-15 builders. Essentially an online flash application that enable you use a canvas to build an assault rifle from scratch from an assortment of parts from receivers to stocks even right down to the gas block or flip-up sight.

There are a number of manufacturers that offer professional applications that include ecommerce, such as Brownells and LaRue, but today I’m going to concentrate on an amateur project called ‘Pimp My gun’ at pimpmygun.doctornoob.com and look at the others in another article.

It’s a nice clean interface and it doesn’t take long to figure out how it works. A clearly silhouetted menu system at the top indicates the category and each category is serviced by a carousal of various parts that can be dragged on to the canvas. Each part can be set with the colours, grey (default), Olive Drab or Desert Tan.

Pimp My Gun

Unlike some applications, the parts aren’t snap to fit so you will have to guide with your mouse until it looks right. In addition, the z-index of each part can be set via the buttons at the top to ‘bring to front’ or ‘push to back’.

One you’ve finished the build you can click the camera button and it will give you basic instructions on how to save your image via Print Screen.

Clearly the author has gone to a lot of trouble build a database of parts that are very accurate in dimension and colour uniformity, even accurate right down to the shadow detail. Seems a little light on parts but the application is still under construction so I’d expect a lot more as it progresses.

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8 Responses to “Pimp My Gun, the flash based modular Custom Assault Rifle Builder”

  1. Dr. Noob says:

    Glad you liked it :)
    Visit again some time. Content is added daily.

  2. Skipper Lee says:

    A major update is coming to PMG soon.
    And I’m proud to be one of the contributors for it.

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  4. hunter says:

    <group x=”1224″ y=”803″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″>
    <part id=”Bipod01A” x=”-1.25″ y=”-62.95″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666″/>
    <part id=”Bipod01B” x=”6.6″ y=”17.4″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666″/>
    <part id=”Bipod01C” x=”3.4″ y=”-14.9″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666″/>
    <part id=”Shape02″ x=”1404″ y=”698″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”ff5959″/>
    <part id=”Silencer03″ x=”1343″ y=”699″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,666666″/>
    <part id=”Holo005″ x=”1063″ y=”641″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,666666,666666,999999″/>
    <part id=”Foregrip006″ x=”1163″ y=”764″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,666666,666666″/>
    <part id=”CStock03″ x=”815″ y=”719″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,666666″/>
    <part id=”RIS021″ x=”1157.65″ y=”694.05″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,666666,444444″/>
    <group x=”1225.05″ y=”659.25″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″>
    <part id=”ISight008B” x=”-6.65″ y=”-1.95″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666″/>
    <part id=”ISight008A” x=”9.45″ y=”0.55″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,666666″/>
    <group x=”914.9″ y=”660″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″>
    <part id=”ISight007B” x=”-5.7″ y=”0.1″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,666666″/>
    <part id=”ISight007A” x=”9.65″ y=”0″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,666666″/>
    <group x=”1066.35″ y=”741.45″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″>
    <part id=”Shape05″ x=”-38.75″ y=”-45.7″ rotation=”180″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666″/>
    <part id=”Bolt012″ x=”-27.4″ y=”-51.6″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”444444″/>
    <part id=”UReceiver021″ x=”3.9″ y=”-45.7″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,666666,444444,444444″/>
    <part id=”LReceiver015″ x=”-81.7″ y=”17.25″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,666666,666666″/>
    <part id=”GasBlock07″ x=”1241.1″ y=”693.95″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666″/>
    <part id=”GasBlock08″ x=”1129.55″ y=”692″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666″/>
    <part id=”GasTube08″ x=”1143.35″ y=”679.6″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,e1e1e1″/>
    <part id=”Barrel027″ x=”1171.3″ y=”701.3″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666,e1e1e1″/>
    <part id=”BufferTube01″ x=”867″ y=”690″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666″/>
    <part id=”RMag010″ x=”1042″ y=”789″ rotation=”0″ scale=”1″ flip=”1,1″ colors=”666666″/>

  5. tichy says:

    dr. noob can you plz set this up so this game/software is downloadable plz im beggin u

  6. rhizu10 says:

    i really like PMG! i just made a gun but PMG is missing a certain Flash Hider.. the Zombat Stryker M4 Flash Hider.. it would really help if PMG had that part on their list.. that way, the gun i customized would have its full potential!

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