G&G Armament enters a New Era of Transparency.. [ literally.. ]

G&G Armament has given us a sneak peek of a future line of AEGs and what can we say? I can CLEARLY (tic) see that they are transparent. The mind boggles as to the usefulness of these new receivers, as a lot of us remember the days when, at times, the only option we had was to buy a clear plastic BB gun and immediately follow that purchase with a purchase flat black Krylon spray paint before we got ridiculed off the skirmish field.

I’m guessing in due time, G&G Armament will enlighten us as to their purpose, as for now we must be content with an animated header banner.

G&G Armament Transparent Receiver Series AEG

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2 Responses to “G&G Armament enters a New Era of Transparency.. [ literally.. ]”

  1. Jim says:

    They are made for markets like the Canadian one where the normal airsoft guns have been in a semi-legal state, but by adding the clear portion they can be made “toys” without having to make the entire gun clear verses the fully “replica” looking ones which are prohibited by law.

  2. cqrt says:

    Thanks for the information, there is a method to the madness!

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