Zeta Lab eyes the Russian OTs-14 Groza Bullpup for development.

The Russian OTs-14 bullpup assault rifle, also known as the OC-14-4A, thanks to Gunsmith Baton has made an appearance in paper form as a possible development contender by boutique airsoft manufacturer, Zeta Lab. The OTs-14 was developed in the early 1990’s in Russia by Tula Arms and fired the 9x39mm subsonic round. Bottom right is the real steel OTs-14.

Zeta Lab OTs-14 Groza Development plansOTs-14 Groza Bullpup Assault Rifle

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One Response to “Zeta Lab eyes the Russian OTs-14 Groza Bullpup for development.”

  1. serge says:

    That would be absolutly fantastic if they made one. I’m looking for a Russian bull pup and not a famas or an aug. And besides ak mags do work better than m4 mags.

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