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WE Tech joins the electric fraternity with an M4 RIS AEG

WE Tech, who traditionally has stayed firmly in the gas powered airsoft arena, has announced that they are about to break into the AEG market with an electric M4. In these exclusive images released by ...

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WE Mk12 Mod 0 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR)

WE Mk12 Mod0 SPR
Gunfire ASG has announced on their Facebook page a new GBB rifle from WE Tech, the Mk12 Mod0 Special Purpose Rifle or SPR as it’s known. The claim is made that ...

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WE Tech L85 GBBR coming soon in Desert Tan

WE Tech Taiwanese distributor, Powerstar, has revealed some sample shots of the recently released WE Tech L85 in a bold new livery of the Desert Tan variety. I’ve seen the L85 with Desert Tan furniture ...

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WE Tech releases open bolt M16A1 VN GBBR

WE Tech today released in Taiwan, their open bolt gas blowback replica of the venerable M16A1 Vietnam era rifle complete with teardrop forward assist, non-tapered delta ring, three prong flash hider and 20rd type short ...

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WE Tech G36C (G39C) Gas Blowback Rifle Production Ready

WE Tech has released a video of their latest GBBR offering to the airsoft masses, beating the GHK G36 GBBR that was announced...

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The WE Prototype Smorgasbord: M14, Sten Gun, Browning HP, M16 VN and AK-74U + others

My inbox is overflowing with prototype pics of up and coming gas blowback rifles from WE. A little bit...

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WETTI Exhibits at Hooha Show 2009 [ the complete KAC PDW and HK416 plus M14 and more... ]

Wei E Tech
After a short absence I thought I’d poke my head up and let you all know I’m still alive but very busy...

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WETTI Sneak Peek on Production H&K HK416 GBB [ prototype pics ]

WETTI has released some rough production images of what appears to be a HK416 GBB. WE’s GBB range is expanding at a phenomenal rate, just last week announcing the KAC PDW, and they ...

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WE Tech Ultimate Takedown Guide for AWSS SCAR GBB [video]

WE Tech goes over the basic takedown of the WE AWSS SCAR GBB plus advanced disassembly for...

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Airsoft Global Custom Co2 Powered WE SCAR CQC-SD [ Tom Clancy would be proud ]

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Airsoft Global got sick of seeing that barebone WE SCAR-L sitting on the shelf, knowing that all manner of upgrades and possibilities existed to sex it ...

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